Ramesh Meyyappan with more than 15 years of SQL Server experience including working as a Program Manager for SAP/ SQL Server integration in the SQL Server Development Team at Microsoft Corporation. He is specialized in SQL Server Performance Monitoring, Tuning & Troubleshooting and SQL Server Administration and Tuning for SAP installations. More about Ramesh


For this onsite workshop the customer has to provide classroom, hardware, software and system setup. Tell us your requirements (number of training days, participants and where you are located) and we will send you a proposal. Past Workshops Feedback



The Agenda targets 3 days but it can be customized based on your requirements and extended to up to 5 days with additional content and more hands-on when necessary.

SAP / SQL Server Architecture: SID & Tempdb Database, Data & Log Files, Auto Growth, Proportional Fill, Multiple Instances, Tables & Indexes, Statistics, Fragmentation. SAP Sessions & Connections, Schema, Statement Execution in SQL Server. SQL Server Configuration Parameters, Auto Create, Update, Asynchronous Statistics.

Database Maintenance:  File Reorganization, Index Reorganization, Statistics Update, Database Consistency Check, ErrorLog, Service Packs, Cumulative Updates, SQL Server Versions, Moving Data/ Log File, Expanding Data/ Log Files, System Copy, Shrinking Data/ Log Files.

Disaster Recovery & High Availability Planning: Master, Msdb, SID , Backup & Restore, Point in Time, Log Mark, Backup Compression, DBA Planning Calendar, Log Shipping, Database Mirroring, Database Snapshots.

Performance Monitoring and Tuning: Requests & DBA Cockpit Database Processes, Wait Stats. CPU, Disk & Memory. Query Tuning and Locking. Bitmap filtering, Latency, Throughput, Read Ahead, Partition Alignment, Instant File Initialization, SQLIO, Maximum & Minimum Memory, Data Cache Hit Ratio, Hash & Sort Warning, Lock Pages in Memory. DBA Cockpit, SQL Statements, ST05, SQL Profiler, Analyzing Execution Plan, Plan Caching, Identifying Non Optimal Plans, Query Tuning, Missing Indexes, Index & Column Statistics, Hints, Plan Guides, Extended Events. Locking, Blocking, Escalation, Deadlock, Statistics.

Database Compression:  Concepts, Tools, Compression scenarios for SAP Customers upgrading from SQL Server 2005 and 2008 to SQL Server 2012 and 2014.

New features for SAP Customers in SQL Server 2014, 2012 & SQL Server 2008: Transparent Data Encryption, SQL Server Audit, Change Data Capture, Change Tracking, Resource Governor, Policy-Based Management, Data Collection, SQL Server Utilit.

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