Registration for October 23-25, 2018, Hands-on Workshop in Munich, Germany

4 Days Advanced Microsoft SQL Server Performance Monitoring & Tuning

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Target Group: Database Administrators, Developers and Database Architects.

Trainer:  Ramesh Meyyappan with more than 20 years of SQL Server experience including working as a Program Manager in the SQL Server Development Team at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, U.S.A. He is specialized in SQL Server Performance Monitoring, Tuning & Troubleshooting.

Watch Ramesh Meyyappan explain SQL Server internals @ (Youtube videos) or on MSDN Channel 9.

Workshop Agenda 

Why Hands-on Training? Effective Learning through Practice, Skill-Building and Feedback

The performance tuning techniques taught in this workshop are 100% applicable to "the real world of SQL Server". You will practise them on the spot with the SQLTest Tool .

Barbara Seels, School of Education, University of Pittsburgh:

"Practice is the most important ingredient of effective instruction; it speeds up learning, aids long-term retention, and facilitates recall. Instruction is less effective when there is no opportunity to perform the task or when practice is delayed. Unfortunately, much of the instruction in nowadays' classrooms provides little or no opportunity for practice, although the more immediate the opportunity for practice and feedback, the more likely learning will occur."


Maximum number of attendees: 12.

Language: This workshop is held in English.

Regular Fee: Euro 2,500 (VAT excl.) 

Early Bird Fee: Euro 2,250 (VAT excl.) for payment until July 23rd, 2018

Group Bookings: For 2 ore more employees from the same company: 15% Discount from Regular Fee

Prerequisites: Basic SQL Server Experience:Knowledge about Cluster, Heap and Non-cluster indexes, Database Engine Tuning Advisor and SQL Profiler.

Please bring your Laptop with SQL Server 2016 installed, ideally Enterprise, Developer or Evaluation Edition. If this is not possible, then with Standard or Express Edition. Please note that, when installing earlier versions (SQL Server 2014 or earlier) or limited editions (Standard / Express), some hands-on cannot be practiced due to feature limitations of those versions / editions.

After attending the workshop, every participant will receive a Complementary SQLTest Tool 1 Year Professional License.

If there are 3 or more SQL Server DBAs, developers or architects in your company who would like to get trained, it might be more convenient to arrange a workshop directly at your premises. Simply tell us your requirements (number of people to be trained, the SQL topics you would like us to cover as well as your location) and we shall send you a quotation within 24 hours. Contact


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