SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting

Alexander Holy, Head of IT department, derStandard, Austria 

"derStandard.at is one of Austria’s most frequented web sites. Interactivity and personalization create a lot of stress and activity in our SQL Server database. 
A day of database performance analysis and tuning with Ramesh Meyyappan helped us to identify and resolve our worst performing queries and provided us with all the necessary information to continue on our own.
I’m wholeheartedly recommending Ramesh’s on-site consulting services to anyone who has exhausted all conventional database tuning and optimization. Since we were able to speed up critical portions of our application, we could noticeable speed up things with only a single day of consulting work."


Der Standard is an Austrian national daily newspaper which is published in Vienna. It was founded in 1988 by Oscar Bronner as a financial newspaper. Bronner remains the paper's publisher and he is also nominally the editor-in-chief along with Alexandra Föderl-Schmid, the only Austrian female editor-in-chief. Der Standard is published in accordance with the honour code of the Austrian press (which sets rules on matters such as a transparent division between news and comment and the right to privacy).

The paper's general editorial stance could be described as socially liberal and most of its regular columnists also tend to this position, although guest writers come from a wide variety of political positions. As a participant in Project Syndicate Der Standard also regularly publishes commentary from individuals with an international reputation, whose work has worldwide distribution.

Der Standard is the most widely read newspaper among people with college or university education. A full online edition (Der Standard digital) is available as an e-paper on a subscription-basis.