Level 400 SQL Server Performance Monitoring & Tuning Hands-on Workshop

Jukka from Wärtsilä Oyj , Finland (LinkedIn SQL Server User Group Finland):

Just want to start this thread and give some feedback on the Workshop that I attended last week at Microsoft. Three days in a row, deep dive into the query optimization and performance monitoring :-) I must say, that the SQL guru Ramesh has all the tricks up in his sleeves. The workshop was very helpful and what’s most important: no slide show marathon: samples after samples explained very clearly and with our own class room SQL servers we can try the same stuff while Ramesh typed his own samples. If the workshop will be rearranged, I can most willingly recommend it to anyone who wants to know what’s “under the hood” of SQL Server 2008. Once again, thank you Microsoft and Ramesh to make this happen. May the force be with us all :-)


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