Level 400 SQL Server Performance Monitoring & Tuning Workshop

Lubor Kollar, Customer Advisory Team, SQL Server Development, Microsoft U.S.A.

"I have attended the first two days of Ramesh’s Performance Monitoring and Tuning Hands-on Workshop in Prague on Oct. 15 and 16. My main goal was to learn in detail the contents of Ramesh’s class so that I can suggest his class to other Microsoft customers I’m working with in the role of SQL Server Customer Advisory Team manager.

I was very pleased both with the content and delivery of Ramesh’s class. He is providing useful, deep and very accurate information that will help our customers when developing, testing, tuning and deploying their applications using SQL Server or upgrading existing applications from previous SQL Server releases.

Ramesh showed extraordinary attention to detail and he explained in depth the internals of the engine."

Roman Logunovich, Premier Field Engineer, Microsoft Russia

"Hello Ramesh,

I've attended your workshop last week in Moscow. I want to thank you for this brilliant event. This workshop is the best that I participated in several years. It gives a perfect view how SQL Server works in "real world" and is based on real field experience, which is most valuable. I've got many ideas which I can use in my work. Also, I'm impressed of your presentation skills. This is an additional experience which I will use in my own training deliveries :-) 

Thanks a lot and I hope that I will have the opportunity to attend your trainings again."

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