SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting for SAP Customers

Stein Ove Rov, IT Manager, Komplett AS, Sandefjord, Norway

I want to thank you for doing a excellent job for us. The report we got from you gave us a lot of valuable information. You have helped us a lot with the job you did for us. In my opinion, this is one of the best SQL engagements I have ever seen.

As I said, you have done an excellent job for us, Thanks a lot !!

Komplett AS is a Norwegian e-commerce company with nine webshops in three countries in Scandinavia. The larger part of their product assortment is computers and components, but have expanded to photo, Hi-Fi, TV, gaming and white goods. Company headquarters are located in Sandefjord, Norway, where the company was originally founded in 1998. In addition to their Norwegian operations, Komplett is also running webshops in Sweden and Denmark.