SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting

Tatjana Petrovic from Technical Support Center at Kapsch Telematic Services, Austria:

I have met Ramesh at the SQL Server Performance Tuning Workshop in 2008. Impressed by his vast knowledge I approached him with the request to assist us at a project we were doing in Czech Republic at that time. Since Ramesh swiftly and efficiently solved our SQL Server Performance Tuning problems we decided to engage him on a regular basis.

We at Kapsch are now looking back at a history of 5 years, working on multiple, international projects and we are VERY SATISFIED with Ramesh’s service. Ramesh is a dependable and most valuable help whenever SQL Server Performance Tuning problems occur. He has always solved our known performance issues and, additionally, identified scenarios which might become an issue in the future and tackled them in a preventive way.

We are very happy that we will continue our co-operation also in the future as two new, work intense projects are coming up. I can warmly recommend Ramesh to anyone who is in need of SQL Server Performance Tuning expert advice.

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