SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting for SAP Customers Feedback

John Ness, System Manager, Bühler AG, Switzerland

The report presented by Ramesh is - as all his work tends to be - short , concise and to the point. Ramesh has pinpointed issues that are hidden from the normal “SAP administration” eye and - not surprisingly - found coding issues in the “application”. Having previously visited a “SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization” course at Microsoft (Switzerland) I was already accustomed to the straight-forward approach that Ramesh tends to take. However, he will always take time to explain SQL internals and is willing to spread his knowledge. I highly appreciate Ramesh from a professional perspective and would recommend his courses and his consulting work to anybody running an SQL 200x Server and encountering performance issues. It was a pleasure having Ramesh here at Bühler AG in Uzwil. I am already looking forward to visiting his next course at Microsoft in Zurich, Switzerland.

Ivo Looser, System Manager / DBA, Bühler AG, Switzerland

With his structured approach he was able to identify the bottleneck of one of our major system quickly and clearly. The final handout report will help us not only to address short-term performance issues; we can now proactively drive into the right strategy. He obtained the Big Picture of the bottlenecks. The contact with Ramesh was a pleasant and rewarding experience. Thanks a lot for all.



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