Level 300 SQL Server Administration & Tuning for SAP Customers Workshop

Parm Gakhal, Production DBA, Britvic, U.K.

John Browne, SAP Basis, Britvic, U.K.

Q. Were you overall satisfied with the workshop?

P.G. Yes very satisfied, the workshop is unique and provides information that is not currently available in workshops by SAP or Microsoft.

J.B. Yes I was generally satisfied with the workshop.

Q. Was the instructor knowledgeable?

P.G. Yes the instructor has a very good knowledge of both SQL server internals and SAP.

J.B. Yes, Ramesh displayed an extremely good knowledge of the subject matter.

Q. Were you satisfied with the mix of theory and practice?

P.G. The class was custom tailored and was delivered on site. The balance between theory and practice was just right.

J.B. Yes, as the course was held on site we spent the majority of the time looking at real time data from our production system which gave us the opportunity to investigate known issues on our systems.

Q. Did the instructor answer all the questions asked?

P.G. Yes the instructor was able to answer all questions and was also able to provide best practices on configuring SQL server for SAP.

J.B. Yes, I can’t remember a specific question or query which wasn’t answered during the course.

Q. How confident are you with your SAP/SQL skills after attending the workshop?

P.G. We have a better appreciation of how SAP interacts with SQL Server and able to interpret data from DBA Cockpit in a more meaningful way.

J.B. I think that my level of understanding SQL and the various ways to troubleshoot performance issues has improved since attending the course. However, I would still be more comfortable approaching specific problems from within the application rather than from directly interrogating the database using native SQL commands.

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