Our consulting services include a 1 Year Complementary sp_whopro Enterprise License and a 1 Year Complementary SQLTest Professional License!

If your application is slow without efficiently utilizing the available hardware resources to their maximum capacity, then there is a problem with the software. It could be the application design or implementation, SQL Server, Windows Server or Firmware. We identify these performance inefficiencies and scalability issues and provide specific recommendations to rectify them.

Our primary goal with these consulting engagements is to optimize performance without additional unnecessary hardware purchase. We recommend additional hardware resources only in circumstances where they lead to performance improvement.


Typical Duration: From 4 hours to 3 days

Location: Onsite or offsite




SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting

Do you have a specific performance issue like: certain processes or jobs are executing slow; the system is slow at certain times or there is a sudden drop in performance; high CPU utilization; high disk waits/ queues or the application is slow while the hardware is underutilized? more

SQL Server Performance Health Check

Are you sure your application, SQL Server, Windows Server, storage and hardware are configured and implemented optimally with the required maintenance jobs? Is your software and hardware configuration fit to meet the demands of your ever growing data sets? more 


Performance & Scalability Review of SQL Server Application Design and Implementation including Proof of Concept (PoC) Assistance

Do you want your application design and / or implementation to be reviewed by a SQL Server Performance Tuning expert to identify possible performance, scalability, locking, blocking and deadlock issues? Are you planning to increase the workload and not sure if the existing hardware and application will scale to accommodate the workload delivering optimal performance? more


SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting for SAP Customers

Do you use SQL Server in your SAP installation and encounter one of the following performance issues: slow execution of certain jobs, a slow system at certain times or a sudden drop in performance, high CPU utilization, high disk waits/ queues or a slow application while the hardware is underutilized? Or has your SAP system recently migrated to SQL Server and lacked optimal performance ever since? more

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