Our Workshops focus on practical, hands-on learning, only real world SQL Server performance issues are being addressed. We simulate performance bottlenecks with help of the SQLTest stress test tool and teach participants how to resolve them during the course.

In addition to learning the theoretical background of SQL Server performance tuning - the main or only knowledge transfer method in traditional trainings - SQL Server DBAs, developers and architects get the opportunity to acquire first-hand practical performance tuning experience in our workshops.

Interesting to know: Our SQL Server Hands-on Workshops as well as our SAP on SQL Server Hands-on Workshops have been organized by Microsoft Corporation over a hundred times for Premier Customers, in 19 EMEA countries.  

New: Ceck out our SQL Server Performance Tuning Hands-on Video Tutorials via YouTube. SQLTest simulates the bottlenecks - you can practice to resolve them while watching the video! No registration needed.

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Troubleshooting:  Identifying and resolving SQL Server performance bottlenecks. 18 years of experience guarantee swiftness, hence keeps the costs minimal.

Health Check:  Optimizing your system to prevent future performance issues that would occur under heavier workload. 

Proof-of-Concept:  Reviewing your application design and implementation to identify possible performance, scalability, locking, blocking and deadlock issues.

* SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting for SAP Customers

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